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Aceh Celala

Aceh Celala

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Elevation: 1,400 – 1,500 masl
Processing: Wet Hulled
Varietal: Ateng Super, Caturra, Typica
Region: Pondok Baru-Celala , Central Aceh, Indonesia

Roast Level
Medium Dark

Tasting Notes
Dark Chocolate, Earthy, Vanilla Musk

Aceh is well known for producing one of the most remarkable Sumatran coffees in the world. This lot of Sumatra Mandheling CELALA coffee is sourced Mutiara Gayo co-op in Pondok Baru; which consists of approximately 2,000 small farmers and 32 km from our Co-Op. Wet hulled “Giling Basah” is traditional coffee processing method only done in Sumatra.

Unlike other origins, Sumatra coffee parchments are hulled (removing skin) when they are still wet resulting in the coffee is prone to bora bug insect bites. A well-known process, Wet Hull, is very characteristic to this region. Coffee cherries washed to get what they call ‘Gabah’ (wet parchment) and exposed them to the sun for drying (wet hulled parchment). It gives a unique blue-green colour to the beans.

Although this process creates unique characters in Sumatra coffee, it also the main reason why it’s hard to source great and clean Sumatra coffee. Once it’s collected in Aceh-Celala Region, the coffee is then transported to Medan where the coffees are sorted with colour sorter, gravity table and hand sorted, bagged and ready for export.