Black Gold - Chocolate Powder

Black Gold - Chocolate Powder

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The Story of Black Gold Cacao

Nestled at the foothills of the Andes and in the heart of the thriving Amazon is the town of Yaguaraparo, otherwise known as the City of the Masters of Cacao. This tropical Venezuelan town is home to Black Gold Cacao, a family business established over a hundred years ago, where the art and science of cultivating the world’s best cacao continues to be passed down from one generation to the next.

Black Gold Cacao has established a reputation internationally for growing as well as sourcing the world’s finest cacao and supplying premium products to leading chocolate connoisseurs. Black Gold Cacao supplies cafes, restaurants, patisseries, health shops, grocery stores and specialty stores around Australia and the world. All cacao products come direct from the farmer to your door with no middle men, a process that is both 100% fair trade and 100% organic.

The Black Gold Cacao product range includes Premium Drinking Chocolate, Raw Cacao Powder, Natural Cocoa Butter and Premium Dark Chocolate Coverture (75% Cocoa) which are all highly appreciated for their lack of bitterness, slight fruity flavour, delectable aroma and pure chocolate taste