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Elevation: 1,300 – 1,500 masl
Processing: Full Washed
Varietal: S795
Region: Pango Pango, Tana Toraja
Producer: Toarco Jaya
Tasting Notes: Caramel, Soft Citric, Savory Fruit, Vanilla, Floral


​In April 1973, Kimura Coffee, which is now the predecessor of KEY COFFEE INC. Sent to Sulawesi island - Indonesia. The aim is to find out the situation of Toraja coffee, which was once considered the world's legendary coffee before disappearing from the market as a result of the war. Because Toraja coffee only grows in deep mountains in the center of the island, roads that lead to plantations are very rough. The executive must switch from a jeep to a horse and the last trip with his feet to reach his destination. When he finally arrived, the plantation appeared to be naked, but in reality, local farmers only grew small amounts of Toraja coffee, which saved the plant from extinction. After fun discovery, the executive reached a decision that Toraja coffee could be revived and the profits he imagined would come not only to benefit the company, but also the economy of the local community as well. With a strong will, he brought back Toraja coffee to the international market.

PT TOARCO JAYA was established from a joint venture between Indonesia (PT Utesco) - Japan (Suladeco Ltd.) established in 1976 which produces high-quality arabica coffee in North Toraja - South Sulawesi. TOARCO stands for "Toraja Arabica Coffee".

PT TOARCO JAYA manages its own 530 hectares of plantations in Pedamaran, Bokin - North Toraja and from the beginning invited local farmers to re-plant Arabica coffee and apply perfect wet processing to coffee fruit (wet process). Strict quality control is applied starting from selective picking of red fruit, perfect wet processing, proper drying of seeds, careful stripping and sorting of seeds and ending with testing of taste (cup test). Only high-taste coffee beans pass to "Toarco Toraja Coffee".

"TOARCO TORAJA COFFEE" was then presented with an image: Excellent Aroma, Rich and Strong Body, Well-balanced Bitterness and Acidity, and Mellow Flavor

The characteristics of these flavors are very different from the results of world coffee in Indonesian coffee as: Earthy, Full Body and Low Acidity.

In its development, PT Toarco Jaya has been developing coffee farmers continuously so that the production and quality of coffee farmers can be maintained right. Increasing the quality of life of farmers also continues to be cultivated with various assistance.

PT TOARCO JAYA Pedamaran Coffee Plantation has obtained the "Good Inside" (UTZ Certified) certificate and in December 2007 obtained a similar certificate from "Rain Forest Allianze"