We're determined to be able to translate the hard work of our coffee farmers all the way until the first and the last sip, over and over again. Roasting in small batches & rigorous tasting of the finished products are our daily bread. As an operator of a cafe, we understand the challenges that the business owner and the barista faces. Our job is to ensure that not only you receive a high quality and consistent coffee supply but also an on-going support in training & equipment maintenance; letting you focus more on your customers & innovation.

This year, we have not only upgraded our roaster that tripled our capacity but also we have secured a strong relationship with a local producer in Indonesia, who has proven records for decades and gained worldwide reputation of producing high quality & consistent coffee beans, except effects caused by natural disaster of course.

For some samples or to chat more, please feel free to drop by to our cafe or email us on roasters@aslancoffee.com.au