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Coffee Regions
Sumatra, Sulawesi & Java

Tasting Notes
Hazelnut, Dark Cacao, Earthy, Homey

Roast Level

This is our flagship blend since we begin our journey since 2009, it consists of coffee only from the Indonesian Archipelago only. We have travelled and seek high quality specialty grade beans that each region is able to offer consistently and it remains an ongoing project. Despite the higher cost, we remain committed to this blend to showcase what Indonesia has to offer and contribute in any way we can to the many farmers and people who are involved throughout the supply chain.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Estienne Lewies
Great cafe, great beans

I used to get a coffee from the Aslan cafe in St Peters daily when I still lived there years ago. Recently bought a home espresso machine and Aslan's beans was my go to even though it's been 2 years since I last had one of their great coffees. The beans are still awesome and I'll continue to order from them going forward!

Marcel Willems
What a tasting experience!

We visited the cafe in the Nurses Walk for the first time just the day before Australia Day. My wife and I are not that familiar with the coffee beans from Indonesia.
This blend is honestly very good. Not too bold and a nice mix of flavors. We will for sure be back as we are lovers of "real" specialty coffee

Kyle S.
Perfect every time

My wife and I used to grab our takeaway coffees from the St Peters cafe and loved them. We moved to Melbourne a few years ago and even Melbourne's best coffee is no match for Aslan. We've bought our own machine and now buy Aslan blend beans direct from the website. Every cup is a treat!

Robert Lyford

I was glad Djokovic left Australia but I was ecstatic my Aslan coffee order got sent to America. My wife loves drinking it.

Jinah Park
My favourite

Fall in love when I had their coffee at Rocks store. I bought home espresso machine so I can have these beans everyday. Still love it!